In both the stories

In both the stories, The Epic of Gilgamesh and Antigone, we are introduced to two headstrong characters that possess the ability of ruling the people around them. Gilgamesh is known as the ruthless King along with being a brave and ambitious warrior. Antigone is known for being a rebellious, fearless and loyal person. Throughout each story we come across on how each of these characters transform and evolve to become better people and seeing to embrace their fates at the end. Gilgamesh and Antigone are both faced with circumstances that challenge them to go against the odds and fight for what they believe for. The main theme circling both these stories is love being a motivating factor for each of them to push through. Gilgamesh had the need of the love of his people and Antigone had the love for her brother. Gilgamesh goes through to find immortality only to realize his actions are what will make him immortal whereas Antigone already accepts that no matter what happens she will be immortal for her actions.

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Before high school, I was significantly different on the inside compared to now, though I was still mostly the same on the outside. The unemployed professors reviews definitely changed me as a person. The cause of the change was mostly due to the fast paced nature of high school, which was led to my busier schedule. After I started high school, I found it to be a completely different experience than middle school. This was mainly due to high school being when the work becomes intense and grades start mattering. Even in middle school, it was still important for me to do my best, as I would achieve my best results. and would set that habit for my future. In high school, I was more self- motivated to do well in school and be a better person.

I see the most change in my organization, study habits, and social skills between now and before unemployed professors review. All 3 of the ways that I’ve improved in are very vital in college and the real world and are therefore very necessary to succeed both in both places. Now, I make sure that I always pay attention and that I’m well organized. Also, I try my best to avoid procrastination and do my work whenever I have time, unlike in middle school when I would do all of it at once frequently being self-reminded that I still have time. This made me realize that time isn’t as abundant as we think, so it’s best to use time wisely, which is important in high school. Finally, my social skills have come a long way since before high school.

Consequently, these days...

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