Before high school, I was significantly different on the inside compared to now, though I was still mostly the same on the outside. The unemployed professors reviews definitely changed me as a person. The cause of the change was mostly due to the fast paced nature of high school, which was led to my busier schedule. After I started high school, I found it to be a completely different experience than middle school. This was mainly due to high school being when the work becomes intense and grades start mattering. Even in middle school, it was still important for me to do my best, as I would achieve my best results. and would set that habit for my future. In high school, I was more self- motivated to do well in school and be a better person.

I see the most change in my organization, study habits, and social skills between now and before unemployed professors review. All 3 of the ways that I’ve improved in are very vital in college and the real world and are therefore very necessary to succeed both in both places. Now, I make sure that I always pay attention and that I’m well organized. Also, I try my best to avoid procrastination and do my work whenever I have time, unlike in middle school when I would do all of it at once frequently being self-reminded that I still have time. This made me realize that time isn’t as abundant as we think, so it’s best to use time wisely, which is important in high school. Finally, my social skills have come a long way since before high school.

Consequently, these days, I feel that I’ve been talking to other people and asking questions whenever I need it and at the appropriate times more so than pre-high school. When I was younger, I sometimes initially hesitated to bring problems to my parents’ and teachers’ attention, and did at the last minute or waited until someone else brought the issue to their attention. Nowadays, I tell a parent or teacher as soon as I can, so that the problem can be fixed quickly and easily. There have also been several classes in high school that I have taken or will take that have changed or will change myself for the better. The most noticeable classes are Debate and PALS. I was in Debate my Sophomore and Junior years of high school, and will be in that class my Senior year of high school as well. Debate has helped me in being a better speaker and independence. I became a better speaker after taking Debate, as that class involves plenty of speaking and arguing for our viewpoints, which would help in the future.

Debate taught me independence when I went to several Debate meets with just my team, and sometimes spent the night in a hotel. This gave a sense of my future life in and after college, as I would be living without my parents and taking care of my own self. Another class that I will be taking my Senior year of high school that would be useful to me is PALS, which will help by improving my personal skills and knowledge to guide myself in life. I will learn this knowledge when I go to other schools and foster homes and help younger children and elderly people and help them with their problems. Consequently, I will give them great advice and words of wisdom for their well-being.

I feel that I have become a stronger person overall because I’ve improved in all of these habits since starting high school. Therefore, when someone says something to me that I don’t like since starting high school, I always stand up for myself and talk to them if needed. When I was younger, I used to cry and run away when someone did something like this to me, but that’s not the case anymore. Also, I tell my parents, teacher, or a trusted adult without hesitation unlike previously. When I was little, I was hesitant to report to an adult, because I didn’t want to be in trouble. Then I learned that reporting wouldn’t land the teller in trouble, and that it can save people’s lives and will always solve the problem. This knowledge has truly been helpful in my life and will continue to do so.

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